What you should study and should not study


  • You should study what you need now
  • You should not study what you may need future
  • If you think you should study either foreign language or skill, you should study skill


This article assumes that you have some subjects to study for your happiness. You should consider whether to study instead study it at once. To study something you don't need now that wastes time. If you study something, you should have a goal. You should set milestones for goal and check your progress of milestones regularly. And you may have tasks of a milestone, and you should set priority to the tasks for studying to achieve your milestone in the shortest.


First, I assume that you want to do something is more that one and We think we set priority for what we study first. In my case, I have three hours for studying in week day. It is efficiency to do the study that related your job or skill you want to develop. If you want to study foreigh language, you may not do it whole time because you don't need to use it soon. If so, you may study your job's skill or a neer to it. You should study what you need now.

What do you study for?

In my case, I study to keep working in a pleasant office. I mean I want to work with what I want to do. For example, I want to earn money with Machine Learning. This theme might change another them like Kaggle. There is no change in I want to be in "pleasant office."
You could get an opportunity to present your skill in a tech event or publish a book. With these experiences give you the advantage to get a pleasant work.

Studying English

English reading and writing skill are enough to read a book or papers and write a blog post in English so far. Listening skill also needs to listen to podcast or YouTube video in English. I need this skill right now.  Speaking skill will need when I work in an office with speaking English or you participate a hackathon or other tech event. The way of thinking is similar to YAGNI.  Which do you study first English or some Job skill? If you study English first, you can speak English in an office but you couldn't get a job you desire. Instead, you study some job skill first, you could get a job where you can use English. So that you start to study English at the point.