Traveling Germany and U.K.

I traveled to Germany and U.K. from Jul 5 to Jul 27.

My things

  • Two wallets (the one is sub)
  • Clothes (three pairs of under ware, a pair of pants, a pair of short pants, a pair of short pants for sleeping)
  • A multiple power plug adapter
  • A hand towel and face towel
  • Documents (booking information for flight, insurance)
  • A beach sandal
  • Wet Tissue
  • Teeth brash
  • A shoulder bag
  • An umbrella
  • Some of ziplock
  • Foreign language book
  • A windbreaker
  • A portable battery and some cables
  • A three-pronged outlet
  • A string for wallet
  • A camera
  • An iPhone
  • An earphone

These are the things I brought for my travel. I stuffed these things into my backpack.

Day 1 Berlin

I went to Berlin from Haneda airport via Munich.

First, arrived in Berlin central station and a hostel in Berlin. I felt sleepy by jet lag.

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Day 2 Berlin

I visited Berlin first.

The Berlin Wall

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Berlin Cathedral

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I tried a Berliner Weisse (Berlin style beer). I felt its taste was sour and not the beer for me, and also I didn't have all of them because I'm full at the time.

Day 3 Berlin to Frankfurt

I moved to Frankfurt by train. First, I missed a train and second I take on a train with an additional cost of about 140 Euro😭.

Day 4 Frankfurt

It was pretty dirty around the central station in Frankfurt. I had a Schnitzel and an Apple wine and Beer for lunch. The apple wine was good. I would like to drink it in Japan. After lunch, I took on a hop-on-hop-off bus for touring around the center of the city.

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Day 5 Frankfurt to Stuttgart

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Day 6 Stuttgart to Konstanz

I only visited the Mercedes-Benz museum. There are many cars there.

I moved by train and stay in a Switzerland side hotel.

Day 7 Konstanz

Reichenau Island

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Day 8 Konstanz to Garmisch-Partenkirchen

I used Flixbus's bus to move to Garmisch-Partenkirchen because it was cheaper than the DB train. But the coach had some trouble (delay, the bus stop is far from Garmisch-Partenkirchen station about 2km), so I might I don't use Flixbus next time.

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Day 9 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

I visited mount Zugspitze and AlpspiX. The town is best I visited in Germany.

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Day 10 Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Fussen

I went to the street the woman in the hotel telling me it's beautiful. There are wall paintings both sides in the street 200 meters long.

Day 11 Fussen

I went to Neuschwanstein Castle. I think the castle is better in winter than in summer because the white castle's wall matches snow.

Day 12 Fussen to Munich

Day 13 Munich

Marienplatz and around here. Notably, the new town hall and the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl was impressive.

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Day 14 Munich to London, U.K.

I used the easyJet to move to London from Munich. I assumed that the airline strict with hand baggage, but I was not any checks when I started boarding.

Day 15 London

I went to the British Museum in the morning. Then I met my friend then went to 10 downing street, Buckingham Palace in the afternoon, and Japan Center. I had sushi in the Japan center it is not good and more expensive than having it in Japan.

Day 16 London

I went to several markets all the day. Spitalfields Market, Covent Garden, and Borough Market. I bought a bracelet for my mother, and I could eat jellied eels in Borough Market (this was a TODO in London!😀)

Day 17 London

I went on a day trip to southern the Seven Sisters. It is a beautiful park in U.K.

Day 18 London to Preston

I met my friend and was taken around to London. The changing of the guard) in Buckingham Palace, The Tower Bridge (also we saw the opening of the gate. That is very rarely!), A brewery and tasted some beers. Then we move to Preston.

Day 19 Preston

The Morning Tea

My friend took me to Blackpool and Blackpool Tower. The tower was build based on the Eiffel Tower, and I brought some Blackpool Rock. I have a fish and chips with Mushy Peas for lunch. This is my only food in U.K. it is not good because it was very oily😅. Then we went to authentic British pubs in Preston, and I stayed at my friend's home.

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Day 20 Preston to Windermere

I had a Full English Breakfast and moved to Windermere. I arrived at Windermere station evening, and I was pretty tired, so I decided just stayed a hotel in the day.

Day 21 Windermere

Orest Head is near Windermere station. It takes 15 minutes from the station on foot.

I went to Keswick by bus number 555 for seeing Castlerigg Stone Circle.

Then went Grasmere and bought some Sarah Nelson's Grasmere Gingerbreads and then hiked from Grasmere to Rydal Mount. It takes about two hours.

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Then move to Waterhead pier from Rydal Mount and took on a ferry to Bowness.

When I arrived in Bowness just went to Windermere station and a supermarket for dinner and went back to my hotel.

Day 22 Windermere to Heathrow airport

I just moved to Heathrow airport. I was in a hurry because a train I reserved from Oxenholme Lake District to London delayed about 45 minutes. I had never seen that situation. I was glad I had enough time to depart about three hours.

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Day 23 Tokyo, Japan

It was hot and with a high degree of moisture💦.

The unuseful things I brought for my traveling


Basically, the things we can do on iPhone and iPad are same. The iPad just has a bigger display. I thought it was useful for reading books, but I could read with my iPhone, not iPad. And also I didn't have time to use iPad in hotels or some other places. It only gained my baggage weight.

A pair of pants

Germany and U.K. were hot! I don't need it in July.

Foreign language textbook

I couldn't speak and listen German just by learning German for a few days.

A three-pronged outlet

This outlet was for only Japan. I didn't notice that. For instance, it didn't work on 240v.

A string for wallet

It was just annoying. Eventually, I didn't use it.

About three weeks traveling

I enjoyed at first of one week. But after two weeks, I was starting to be boring. So I think that the number of days for traveling is about 10 days for me.