I went to builderscon tokyo 2017

I went to builderscon tokyo 2017 from August 3rd to 5th.

The eve of the conference

I heard some fascinating talks, but I was told not to tell anyone about them, so unfortunately I can't write about them.

I think the organizers should keep this event next time.

Day 1

Recognizing Japanese idols with Deep Learning

@sugyan spoke about recognizing Japanese idols with Deep Learning.It helped me to learn about Deep Learning recognizes images.

He gave me some hints on image recognition. Thank you @sugyan.

Building high performance push notification server in Go

@cubicdaiya spoke abount a push notification server.

Gaurun might be able to use my project. I'll look up detailed information about it.

After party

I went to the after party, which was held after the end the day 1. Almost all of the dishes were delicious.

Day 2

Factory Class

Jesse Vincent told me the exciting episode that's about developing keyboards from scratch.

He said it's important to meet up with a supplier and keep a good relationship with them if you want to make a good product in China.


The name card the organizers made was useful for me, and I think the voting system (It uses a QR code) to choose best speakers was convenient for us.

There was only one thing I was dissatisfaction at the lunch session. I think that I and the other audience members were crammed into there, so I think the room was a little small.

But I had a totally enjoyable time at the conference, and I would love to go again!